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when our love was over I was such a mess
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hanna sip

In which I dissect why I like Pretty Little Liars so much. Possibly TL;DR

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Rizzoli & Isles episode 6. Where do I even begin? I'm not even sure what was my favourite part. Was it the hilarity of the whole Nurse Jorge situation? Or was it Korsak blatantly hitting on them? It could have been the whole scene where they talk about what it would be like if they were gay and who they would like then accidentally fall asleep in the same bed. I loved that part as much as this little gem of a moment.

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Really Jane, really? That wasn't even like a subtle glance. I really need to do a more comprehensive post on this episode later. It's too good not to. 

+gif credit: cabrioles (PLL) and mollysmiles (R&I)


Definite upgrade from the Kiss & Tell Album. When did I become a Selena stan???
hanna sip
LOL I can't. I just can't.


Dan Humphrey is morphing into Mr. Fitz. This is so amusing because Ezra Fitz' beautiful thoughtful poem about Aria reminds me of something Dan would write.  GOLD FALAFEL? REALLY?
09 Aug 2010 - Lord have mercy.
hanna sip
If you haven't been to shaymitchell.org, you probably should check it out sometime.
I wish these were HQ ♥ 

06 Aug 2010 - Yay! More pretty!
hanna sip
Why so pretty Troian and Shay? This show has such a gorgeous cast *sigh*

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