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when our love was over I was such a mess
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15 Feb 2016(no subject)
hanna sip
all i want is something new
12 Jun 2014(no subject)
hanna sip
livejournal sent me an email that they're purging my account? so here we are
hanna sip
And by forever I mean forever. Still watching PLL, Glee and GG (unfortunately) since I can't seem to stop myself from doing so. Caught up on Merlin, Doctor Who and Sherlock but I think it's safe to say that I won't be watching any more Skins. Series 5 was unbearable enough.

I have like a million fics that I have in my head that I should write too but school is killing my life.
31 Aug 2010 - GAH THIS SHOW.
hanna sip

So far Rizzoli & Isles continues to be the gayest thing on my TV screen recently. It's just overflowing with the gay. So much gay that not even the main love interest can compare to the amount of chemistry Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon have.

Apparently Jane and Bella's Dad~ is supposed to be the OTP if they're following the books and trust me, it does NOT come across that way on screen. They seem like they'd be good buds but not anything remotely entering romantic territory. And yet when Jane and Maura have these little moments/scenes/heart to hearts it's like a nuclear bomb explosion compared to lighting a candle. Or something.

Anyway I don't know if anyone follows the Rizzoli and Isles character Twitters, but they're always tweeting it each other and even flirting a bit.   Read from bottom to top.

MauraIsles We know how much @JaneRizzoli likes it on top, but it's so close, I don't think anyone can complain! #rizzoliandisles http://bit.ly/bjRdNR


If you don't have a Twitter account you can follow their convos  here :)  It gets pretty lulzy at times.

+gif credit frenhu

19 Aug 2010 - It's Britney bitch!

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